Ever gone to a website and gotten an error message that said, “DNS host not resolved” or “host not resolvable”?

This is because your DNS host is not reachable. It could be they’re suffering an outage, or network error, not reliable, a network admin accidentally deleted a record… or a DDoS attack.

What's the Difference

One of the biggest misconceptions our users face is understanding the difference between a domain registrar and a DNS host. Understanding these differences is crucial to maintaining a reliable and fast website that’s available to all of your users.

How the Top Outages of 2016 Could Have Been Avoided

We saw an inordinate number of outages last year, affecting everything from government institutions to security experts and major DNS providers. As a DNS provider, we are constantly monitoring and investigating reports of outages and latency issues from around the world.

Network expansions

DNS Made Easy, the industry leader for speed and reliability, and Constellix will add five million dollars worth of expansions to their respective networks during Q1 2017.

(PRWEB) Tiggee subsidiaries DNS Made Easy and Constellix have announced plans to expand their respective networks during Q1 2017 with five million dollars in expansions.

fast internet

DNS Made Easy has been named the global leader for DNS speeds for the month of December according to SolveDNS.

DNS Made Easy has been ranked the world leader in DNS speeds for the month of December by SolveDNS. President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job attributes its chart-topping performance to recent investments in infrastructure.

2016 year in review

DNS Made Easy, the industry leader for speed and reliability, has released its annual year in review that highlights upgrades and initiatives introduced during 2016.

DNS Made Easy kicked off 2016 with a new partnership with the leading global telecommunications and technology company, Telstra.

top 10 blogs of 2016

As you likely know, here at DNS Made Easy we strive to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry, as well as add our two-cents every now and then on our company blog. This year featured everything from in-depth studies of how top domains configure their DNS to the fundamentals of DNS and the Internet.