dns outages

Ever gone to a website and gotten an error message that said, “DNS host not resolved” or “host not resolvable”?

This is because your DNS host is not reachable. It could be they’re suffering an outage, or network error, not reliable, a network admin accidentally deleted a record… or a DDoS attack.

What's the Difference

One of the biggest misconceptions our users face is understanding the difference between a domain registrar and a DNS host. Understanding these differences is crucial to maintaining a reliable and fast website that’s available to all of your users.


DNS industry expert of 14 years, and founder of DNS Made Easy Steven Job has been asked his expert opinion on the state of DNS and the importance of outsourced DNS hosting. The most common question he’s been asked is, how do you determine which DNS hosting solution is right for you?

number one may

Third party network monitoring service, SolveDNS, ranked DNS Made Easy the global leader in speed for the second consecutive month. DNS Made Easy was also ranked third for market share, hosting over 900,000 domains.

For the second month in a row, DNS Made Easy has been named the world leader in speed according to SolveDNS.

Earth Day

It’s a challenge to have both a large global network, high network performance, but also manage to be eco-friendly. But we’ve figured out a few ways to stay green, despite the odds. Join us in celebrating Earth Day by sharing your energy efficient tips and tricks!


Bring backend back

If you’re a business dependent on ecommerce, page load speeds will either define your success or your failure. Now there are many known ways to optimize your site for better speeds. The big ones are of course implementing a CDN service, compressing your images, and limiting the amount of rich content per page.

Sales douche

Lack of Pricing Transparency in the DNS and overall SaaS Industry

We recently came across a complaint from a competing service in regards to our pricing comparison chart.  We had originally structured the chart based on the most popular services and add-on’s our customers have enjoyed.