The Long and Short of TTL's

A TTL (or Time to Live) is a crucial setting in every DNS record… and yet, it is rarely talked about.

If you are guilty of using the default TTL for your records, you need to read this.

How do TTL’s work?

[ If you already know, just skip ahead!


We hear this question often from our clients or people who want to understand “what does DNS do” or “and how does that help me”. Since DNS is an “invisible” process that happens in the background, it’s hard to see how it can help or harm your website’s performance and search engine rankings....

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DNS Made Easy has been named the fastest DNS provider in the world during the month of July. This is the eleventh month in a row that DNS Made Easy has been the fastest provider, according to SolveDNS.

SolveDNS is a third party network monitoring firm that monitors the top DNS providers from seven critical peering locations around the world....

CDN's Love ANAME Records

A few years ago, we introduced a new record type called ANAME records which give you the functionality of a CNAME record, but at the root level. If you’re unfamiliar with these record types, here’s a crash course in DNS record types:

An A record points a domain to an IP address (like, while a CNAME record points a domain to a hostname (like

DNS Made Easy Renews Green Initiative

DNS Made Easy, the industry leader in speed and reliability, has announced the continuance of its five-year effort to reduce its carbon footprint. The company has been a harbinger in the DNS industry for using environmentally conscious practices and uses this position to show it is possible to expand infrastructure while staying green....