dns outages

Ever gone to a website and gotten an error message that said, “DNS host not resolved” or “host not resolvable”?

This is because your DNS host is not reachable. It could be they’re suffering an outage, or network error, not reliable, a network admin accidentally deleted a record… or a DDoS attack.

What's the Difference

One of the biggest misconceptions our users face is understanding the difference between a domain registrar and a DNS host. Understanding these differences is crucial to maintaining a reliable and fast website that’s available to all of your users.

corporate social responsibility

Managed DNS industry leader, DNS Made Easy, has announced the revival of its corporate social responsibility program, through philanthropy and ethical business practices.

DNS Made Easy is revitalizing their long-standing program to promote corporate social responsibility and encourage ethical business practices throughout the industry.

Real-Time Stats upgrade

Real-Time Statistics gets a major upgrade this week that enables DNS Made Easy users to view more of their query logs at a time and gain deeper analysis of their domains.

DNS Made Easy released a significant update this week to increase the amount of data users can view in Real-Time Statistics (RTS) query logs.

pokemon go

Unless you’ve been living under a GeoDude for the last two weeks… you’ve heard the complaints about the persistent server issues frustrating Pokemon Go trainers.


Niantic, the company that created Pokemon Go, clearly did not anticipate the record breaking amounts of traffic the game received.

DNS Made Easy Q2 2016 Review

We have had an awesome second quarter! We were world ranked as the number one provider for speed three months in a row, saw growth in new clients, and increased revenue.


President of DNS Made Easy Steven Job cites recent rankings as number one provider in the world for speed as a contributor to increased revenue.

7 Tips to Boost Your Site's Performance

Most marketers and designers know that the number one symptom of a poorly performing site is long load times. But did you know that bad page performance can drastically affect your site’s visibility? Search engines have publicly announced the addition of various performance metrics to their algorithms.