Real-Time Stats fighting DDoS

Just three months after deployment of DNS Made Easy’s Real-Time Statistics, users are reporting faster detection of possible DDoS attacks. Paired with RTS’ intuitive analytics platform, users are able to effectively troubleshoot and thwart attacks within minutes.

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Everyone knows that outsourcing your DNS is great for cutting down on resolution times… but not everyone knows the multitudes of other benefits that DNS has to offer for better web performance and increased conversions.

How DNS makes faster web surfing

How DNS makes faster web surfing

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DNS Made Easy Expands Los Angeles POP

Originally published on PRWEB

(Reston, VA) DNS Made Easy invests in Los Angeles PoP expansion to boost capacity and server load to stave off DDoS attacks originating from the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia-Pacific is widely known as a major source of DDoS attacks worldwide.

Make or Break your SEO Ranks with DNS

When you change over your web or DNS host, your SEO could suffer longstanding damages that take weeks or months to repair. When admins switch over webhosts, site traffic is redirected to the new site. However, this process can take over 24 hours to complete and in most cases traffic is lost due to faulty redirection or inadequate DNS services.

The Dark and Dirty Side – Inside the World of DNS Sales: Preying on Our Vulnerabilities

With in-depth interviews with our president, Steven Job, who has been in the DNS industry for 13 years and remains committed to transparency with his clients, this series – The Dark and Dirty Side – Inside the DNS Sales – will explore and reveal the dirty, dark side of DNS sales.