Choosing the right DNS hosting is an essential part of ensuring that a site provides the best experience for its users. Website owners are often aware of what they need from their web hosts, but picking the right DNS hosting provider from the plethora of competing web hosting companies and specialist DNS hosts can be something of a head-scratcher for business-oriented people.

We’re going to take a look at the services that the best DNS hosting providers offer. Readers can use this checklist to compare the available services and come to an informed decision.


Just as with web hosting, uptime is key. Businesses looking for DNS hosting should take note of both historical uptime levels and Service Level Agreements.
For example, a DNS hosting provider might boast about its 99% uptime and guarantee that in its SLA. However, 99% uptime means a downtime of about three and half days in the year.
Downtime measured in minutes and seconds is preferable, which are represented as 99.999% — so-called 5 nines — and greater uptime. DNS Made Easy has a historical uptime of 99.9999% (six nines), which translates to just over 30 seconds of downtime in the average year.
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