Originally published at PRWEB: http://www.prweb.com/releases/dnsservices/dns/prweb11270393.htm

DNS Made Easy announces that they have hit over 50,000 ANAME records configured on their name servers. Company sees dramatic growth in the proprietary record type.

It would have cost them just $59.95, because we service websites much larger than the Obamacare site with no problem. So, yeah, if the White House had used DNS Failover, which can detect server failure – it switches traffic to help companies avoid any indication of downtime – this service could have prevented embarrassment for the White House and Obamacare’s website.  

Reporter Fran Berkman at Mashable writes that an exclusive email was sent to their outlet from a purported email account associated with the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). In that email, the SEA, who are pro-Assad, claimed they hacked into Obama’s twitter and Facebook accounts.

Good news for DNS providers, and IT folks in general. ICANN’s New Generic Top-Level Domains Program (gTLDs) were cleared to proceed to delegation earlier this week.  There will be a good outcome to these gTLDs being put into place – an increase, and possibly a dramatic one – in the number of TLDs (Top-Level Domains).

As most of you know, Steve Wozniak was the co-founder of Apple, so the fact that he has dissed the new iPad Air is pretty big news.

This news came out when he gave a recent talk at Apps World in London, a story that was originally published by TechRadar. His reason for not having an interest in purchasing the iPad Air?