November 1984, RFC882 and RFC883 were launched, introducing the world to DNS.

DNS is a crucial part of the Internet Infrastructure – it plays a role in ALL DNS lookups. Without DNS, there would be no Internet, so we are happy to announce its birthday today!

Big news in the last few days with DNS and outages – Microsoft went down and this caused a major problem with their, which was supposed to be  launched (ahem . . . smoothly) yesterday worldwide. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud was what experienced the fiasco.

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Reliable DNS helps ensure that Ecommerce websites are available, at peak performance, and protected for the upcoming holiday rush. With the holiday season, the online retail frenzy is coming, and companies are relying more on DNS Made Easy’s services that help businesses avoid downtime.

Originally published at PR Web

Summary: DNS Made Easy launched their latest Mega POP in Sydney, Australia to increase speeds for all Internet users in that part of the world.

With in-depth interviews with our president, Steven Job, who has been in the DNS industry for 13 years and remains committed to transparency with his clients, this series – The Dark and Dirty Side – Inside the World of DNS Sales – will explore and reveal the dirty, dark side of DNS sales.