DNS Made Easy Sees 30% Increase in DNS Traffic on Cyber Monday

Originally published on PR Web: http://www.prweb.com/releases/dns/services/prweb11418444.htm

Traffic analysis by DNS Made Easy shows a 30% increase in DNS traffic this year for Cyber Monday. With a heavy surge in online shopping each year for the holiday season, redundancy and speed are crucial components for a success in sales for online retailers.

DNS Dangers of Using Your Registrar's DNS Services

The major issue with registrar DNS services is that they do not specialize in DNS. Service that a registrar offers is an add-on to the registrar’s main function, which is to sell domain names. Since DNS is a core service required to use a domain for any internet related service, the quality of service you should require from your DNS provider is just not possible with a free domain registrar’s DNS product.

Ever gone to a website and gotten an error message that said, “DNS host not resolved” or “host not resolvable”?

This is because your DNS host is not reachable. It could be they’re suffering an outage, or network error, not reliable, a network admin accidentally deleted a record… or a DDoS attack.

DNS Made Easy Adds Two-Factor Authentication with Time-Based Passwords

Originally published on PR Web: http://www.prweb.com/releases/dnsservices/dns/prweb11389940.htm

DNS Made Easy releases another Two-Factor authentication feature to all membership levels, offering an extra level of security and verification account login.

DNS Made Easy Most Memorable
Like most companies, the DNS Made Easy team is reflecting back on their accomplishments for 2013. There has so much growth this past year that is has been difficult to keep track of all the events and activities that rapidly unfolded. That’s why I decided to note the 6 most memorable accomplishments for DNS Made Easy this year.
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