How DNS evolved into a necessity for our society

How DNS evolved into a necessity for our society

The past, present and future of Domain Name System

Chances are you use the Internet a lot. And so does your neighbor, your boss, your mailman, your family members and your pet (OK, maybe not your pet.) But, did you know there would be no Internet if it weren’t for a magical thing called the Domain Name System (DNS)?...

DNS Made Easy expands service in Japan to increase speed and network redundancy in Asia-Pacific

Originally published on PR Web:

DNS Made Easy, the world leader in IP Anycast DNS services, recently added a new PoP in their world class DNS network.

The new PoP is located in Tokyo, Japan and was added to provide more speed and redundancy to DNS Made Easy’s world class, top rated, DNS network....

DNS Made Easy Continues to Promote Multi-Factor Authentication in Light of Recent Cyber Attacks

Originally published on PR Web:

In light of recent Internet downtime due to security attacks, DNS Made Easy, the world-leading IP Anycast DNS service provider, is further emphasizing the importance of multi-factor authentication....

Spruce up your spring with these 10 tips from DNS Made Easy

There are few traditions more satisfying than the annual spring clean. The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing – everything feels new and fresh.


Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to spruce up our homes and get a head start on the busy warm-weather season....

What Type of 'DNS Slacker' are You?

DNS security matters

What it’s all about and why some companies haven’t embraced it.

Let us give you a glimpse into life without DNS security, shall we?

Your company’s website operates thanks to an Internet infrastructure, a robust network of IP addresses and their respective protocols....