Yeti is coming ipv6

A new DNS project, Yeti, has launched which will be testing IPv6-only DNS roots. The news was announced at the 54th ICANN in Buenos Aires. Just a few weeks ago we covered the intricate and secretive nature of ICANN’s quarterly conferences in the 14 People Who Hold the Fate of the Internet in their Hands....

DNS Coach

Dear DNS Coach,

What is a PTR Record used for?

First of all, let’s discuss what a PTR Record (or Pointer Record) is before we go into what it is used for.

A PTR Record is used to map a network interface (or IP) to a host name. These records are most often used for reverse DNS....

Real-Time Stats Webinar

As the newest member of the DNS Made Easy family, Real Time Statistics (RTS) allow users to see in a simple visual form how their customers are accessing their site and regionally where queries originate.

Reston, VA (PRWEB) June 16, 2015

Real Time Statistics is a revolutionary feature that allows users to analyze incoming query traffic by:

  • Domain
  • Resource record
  • Location
  • Time frame

Users have been asking how to easily view where their clients are resolving their www records from and how their site is being accessed....

Megaupload Set Free

Megaupload was reportedly hijacked two years after domains were seized by the FBI.

May 28, Dotcom the previous owner of Megaupload, woke to see his legacy for sale on a domain auction which was quickly purchased by a self-described “Black hat SEO marketer.”

The buyer, also known as Early Grey, proudly boasted his newest domain on Twitter (@syndk8) claiming he bought Megaupload on an auction at GoDaddy....

DNS Coach

DNS Coach,
If DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC) is so “GREAT” why don’t the largest domains on the internet use it? (,,,….)

There are a number of different possible reasons many of the largest domains on the internet have not chosen to implement DNSSEC yet....