Why you should care about DNS

Recently, the DNS world has seen a slew of DDoS attacks, internal errors, and DNS attacks plaguing everyone from small businesses to ISP’s. Of course, you’re wondering “what does this have to do with me?” and if you don’t run a business based on eCommerce, then I don’t blame you....

Resolution Speed

Dear DNS Coach,

What’s with the hype about Resolution Speeds?

Resolution speeds have become one of the core factors in determining the strength and efficiency of a DNS provider. Keep in mind though, speed isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to evaluating providers....

DNS Made Easy Offers Expert Opinion on how to Prevent Outages and Attacks in Light of Recent Internal Failures among Top-Tier Providers

In response to recent DNS attacks on B2B businesses and providers, DNS Made Easy develops a course of action engineered to help businesses combat security threats and ensure 100% uptime. Plan of action initiates August 1, 2015, consisting of case studies and expertly crafted contingency plans to make to guaranteed uptime a reality for all businesses large or small.

Constellix Announces Release of Constellix DNS

Constellix DNS joins Constellix’s growing suite of features as the most accurate geo-DNS service in the world.

Developed by the same engineers who created the widely successful DNS Made Easy, Constellix DNS breaks the boundaries of normal DNS....

failover, round robin, dns, weighted round robin, global traffic director

Dear DNS Coach,

How else can you increase redundancy with Failover? Are there any integrations?

DNS Made Easy’s Failover response system can actually be configured with Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin, and the Global Traffic Director:

  • Round Robin creates multiple A records with the same name, but with different IP addresses.