top domains still vulnerable to ddos and iot based DNS attacks

It has now been a week since many top domains were downed on the East Coast due to a DNS provider outage. In the days following, we have been asked by many clients if there are ways to avoid downtime even if your DNS provider goes down. In short, this is something we have been stressing for years, encouraging all of our clients dependent on the Internet to use a Secondary DNS provider.

DNS Made Easy Finds Many Alexa Top 100 Sites are Susceptible to Single DNS Provider Outages

Just days after the massive DNS outage that reportedly downed top brands like Twitter, Etsy, Spotify, and Netflix; DNS Made Easy has released a new report that shines a light on even more brands that are still susceptible to single DNS provider outages.

letter from DNS Made Easy's president

DNS Made Easy clients,

You may have noticed that a significant number of major websites were unavailable for a few hours this morning, ie: Twitter, Etsy, Spotify, and Netflix to name a few. After initial investigations, we found that most of these sites shared the same managed DNS provider.

DNS outage

DNS Made Easy has announced a new initiative to encourage the use of Secondary DNS to ensure 100% uptime. Increasing redundancy is the only way to ensure availability for websites and applications even if the primary provider suffers a DNS outage.

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pricing transparency

DNS Made Easy, the world leader in speed, has released a study that enforces the use of a static pricing model and urges the importance of industry-wide pricing transparency.

To help potential clients and other providers in the industry better adapt to this model, our team has conducted a study to determine which pricing model clients preferred: static or dynamic.