New DNS Made Easy study shows that clients who switched to DNS Made Easy saw improved DNS performance and increased revenue.

In the past, DNS Made Easy studies have found a direct link between lower DNS resolution times and increased conversions. To follow up on these results, DNS Made Easy researchers surveyed clients that have recently switched to DNS Made Easy from another provider or in-house network.

Internet Traffic PerformancePyramid

When you are trying to improve your company’s online performance, you have to follow a certain¬†hierarchy that relies on the satisfaction of the previous tier’s requirements. For example, you wouldn’t want to focus your resources on improving the speed of your website unless you were sure it was supported by a reliable backend (more on this in a moment).

network expansions

DNS Made Easy continues to expand its network during Q1 2017 with the addition of new hardware to increase capacity at critical locations in North America.

DNS Made Easy, a subsidiary of Tiggee, increased network capacity at its Ashburn and Chicago points of presence.

DNS Made Easy Fastest DNS Provider

Managed DNS provider, DNS Made Easy, continues its tradition as the fastest DNS provider in the world for the month of January according to third party network monitoring firm.

DNS Made Easy has been globally ranked as the fastest DNS provider by third party monitoring firm SolveDNS.

How the Top Outages of 2016 Could Have Been Avoided

We saw an inordinate number of outages last year, affecting everything from government institutions to security experts and major DNS providers. As a DNS provider, we are constantly monitoring and investigating reports of outages and latency issues from around the world.