5 Cyber-Seeds to Plant Now to Prepare for Spring

It might seem like winter won’t go away this year, but – believe it or not – spring is right around the corner.

Any good gardener knows the time to begin germinating a crop from seed is four to 10 weeks before the last frost—so for many that means now! Likewise, now is the time for your business to begin optimizing for the new season.

DNS Made Easy offers 5 seeds of the cyber variety to plant now to prepare for spring and see payoff all year.

Cyber Seed #1: Ensure 100 percent uptime.
DNS Made Easy can protect your business from attacks via an IP Anycast+ network. The network is a proprietary multi-cloud architecture designed by DNS Made Easy to solve the inadequacies of standard IP Anycast networks. The IP Anycast+ provides enhanced traffic scalability, deliverability, and speed. All of DNS Made Easy systems are located at premium data facilities with multiple data providers. From a network standpoint DNS Made Easy is in the top tier of DNS providers worldwide and has a historical 14-year 100% uptime due to its 5th generation network.

Cyber Seed #2: Get personal and superior support from DNS Made Easy experts.
In a time where everything is streamlined, DNS Made Easy hasn’t forgotten about the personal touch. Despite the move to more and more cloud services, people are still demanding personal customer relationships. DNS Made Easy offers several ways to get connected. Besides web and phone support, the company also has an extensive, free tutorial section. These tutorials can aid in DNS configuration to mail services. If a customer needs more, a DNS Made Easy expert is a phone call or click away.

Cyber Seed #3: Get the best bang for the buck.
DNS Made Easy has revamped its Corporate Advantage membership to include more services and additional support. Services are designed with the core goal of achieving superior performance. The Corporate Advantage allows monitoring and maintenance of DNS services to be managed externally by industry experts. DNS Made Easy staff simplifies the complicated aspects of DNS management and provide enhanced support and security features exclusive to our corporate-level of service.

Cyber Seed #4: Investment and Innovation.
DNS Made Easy constantly researches, upgrades, and redesigns their network to exceed industry standards and insure it can defend against modern security threats. DNS Made Easy invests in network infrastructure, which provides the extra edge over the competition in terms of performance and speed. All of DNS Made Easy systems are located at premium data facilities with multiple data providers. From a network standpoint, DNS Made Easy is in the top tier of DNS providers worldwide.

Cyber Seed #5: Make it Fast!
The Global Traffic Director (GTD) from DNS Made Easy provides geographical source-based IP routing. This unique type of service allows GTD users to optimize and direct traffic flow based on the geographical location of their end user. This means clients in Europe can access European servers and users in United States can access US-based servers. By regionally dividing traffic among different servers or data centers users can easily increase the performance of web application and services. When users are accessing your sites and services quicker, they are given a much higher level of service, which directly relates to higher revenue, higher productivity and a competitive advantage.