September 27, 2013

5 Popular Mobile Dating Apps

Want to find a date, true love, or your future spouse? Look no further than what your holding in your hand: your smartphone has become a place to find love. Mobile dating apps have become extremely popular over the past few years. Plus, there are plenty of them out there. Given the number of apps that lead you to love, dating sites know that this is a must when it comes appealing to their client base. Here’s a look at 5 popular mobile dating apps:

THE CIRCLE – This app allows you to see people in your immediate vicinity. And when you first sign up, you’ll find that it locates your Facebook friends. But those aren’t the only people it finds, as it will begin tracking potential dating material (read: not the usual suspects on your Facebook list) who will shoot you questions about whether or not you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. One blogger who used it was surprised when a man asked her what her favorite color was! The Cirlce is free to download and currently has over 142,000 users.

OKCupid – Just like their website and the Circle app, OKCupid’s app is also free. The app finds people closest to you and allows you to broadcast your location and meet up for dates quickly.

Perhaps it is a result of being free (I’m just guessing here), but OKCupid is filled with people who merely wish to hook-up for casual dating. There is nothing wrong with that mentality, if you’re looking for the same thing. However, if you are intent on finding serious romance and love, this might not be the best place to go. But, again, if you’re just looking for some fun, a casual date, and even friendship, this is a good place to start.

ZOOSK – this app is also free, and if you want your inbox overflowing with messages from people hungry to date, this is the place to be. The company has over 50 million users, so you’ll definitely find plenty of dates here.

HOW ABOUT WE – the name of this app comes off as a bit racy, but in reality it is for newcomers to cities who want a partner to explore new locations in the area.

GROUPER– if you find that first dates are a challenge, or you prefer to meet people in group settings, this iPhone app was made just for you. You pay $20 for two supportive pals to accompany you, and then the app pulls in 3 more people. The laid back, group-filled evening just might allow you to find that special someone over drinks.

Keep in mind with all of these apps, you are meeting strangers and that entails a certain level risk. I don’t mean to sound paranoid about the obvious dangers in dating, but it is important to put your safety first. That means – especially for women – that you should always meet a date at a public place. Always have an exit plan, just in case things go really south. Tell a close friend that you will be out on a date. Make sure to provide them with the location. Some people even ask a friend to text them and check up on them throughout the evening. More than anything, listen to your instincts. That means trusting yourself. Of course, it goes without saying, make sure to enjoy yourself, too.

Here’s to happy and safe mobile app dating!

Have you used a mobile dating app?