Apple has rolled out two new phones: the iPhone 5C and 5S. Chances are, according to a lot of tech folks and tech reporters, the new phones will be sold out. Just. Like. That. Which is not surprising, considering that iPhone remains insanely popular. It also goes without saying that countless people are already reserving their new iPhone. While there are many happy campers about these new devices, there are some unhappy folks out there, too. Apparently, China is pretty peeved with the 5C and 5S, as the devices are too expense for Chinese consumers.But for those happy campers who are looking forward to getting their hands on their new phones, it’s worth knowing 6 important things about the 5C and 5S:

1) What’s the cost for a 5C and 5S?

Depends on what sort of model you purchase and how much storage it offers.

  • 5S

– $649 with 16GB of storage

– $749 with 32GB of storage

– $849 with 64GB of storage

  • 5c

– $99 with 16 GB of storage

– $199 with 32 GB of storage

  2) Fingerprint sensor

This is the first time that Apple has offered this type of feature on the 5S. How does it work? Users unlock the phone with their finger, which means there will no longer be passwords. (Up to five fingerprints can be recognized by the device).

3) What are the colors for the 5C?

The 5C comes in five distinct colors:

  • green
  • pink
  • blue
  • yellow
  • white

Plus, rubber holders can be added to give extra pop to the color of your phone (these cases will cost around $29).

4) What are the colors for the 5S?

The 5S comes in two colors:

Not much as changed.

  • the usual sleek black
  • white/silver
  • gold – this one is new

5) It gets even better  . . . 

Just when you think Apple’s camera can’t be improved, the new device’s capabilities are going to blow people away. Just ask Guardian tech reporters Samuel Gibbs and Charles Arthur. They wrote, “for the iPhone 5S, Apple has improved the camera compared to previous iPhones by physically increasing the size of the image sensor. That should mean significantly higher low-light performance.”

6) Are the phones available for pre-order?

The 5c is available for pre-purchase. However, the 5S is not.

So, we want to know this: do you want an iPhone 5C or 5S? Why or why not?