After rolling out a user-friendly, easily navigated website, we have focused additional time and energy on continuing education and educational resource materials for our existing clients.

We examined customer support tickets and customer feedback by phone and determined that additional educational resources – continuing education materials – for clients would be beneficial, especially in terms of clients’ ROI.

There are numerous educational resources that we offer our clients, many of which are noteworthy. First, we offer a wide range of tutorials. The tutorials cover all sorts of topics related to DNS services, and address simple issues – such as how one adds records into the DNS Made Easy system – to complex ones about DNS configurations like Global Traffic Director Service. There is also an extensive list of “top tutorials” that address the most pressing questions that clients have submitted to our customer support team through surveys and other forms of customer feedback.

We have also developed a resource intensive support site. On our support site users can find answers to hundreds of different questions with the DNS Made Easy Knowledge-base system. If a client’s questions cannot be answered in the Knowledge-base system then we provide the ability for each client to post questions easily with our online support ticket center.

Our customer support team is highly engaged with clients, too. Indeed, DNS Made Easy offers superior customer service, and has a staff that operates much like DNS instructors. All customer support staff members go through intensive educational training and take internal courses on DNS management and how the Internet functions overall. When they are finished with the courses, they are required to take an examination and must receive a passing grade that is over 95%. If they do not make an A+, they are required to take review courses and the exam again.

Non-corporate clients have questions answered through support tickets while Corporate clients have direct access to phone support. Both systems – the support tickets and phone support – serve as educational resources, and all questions are answered immediately.

Our new website, which we’re very proud of (!), also serves to enhance the wide array of educational resources offered. The website is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also highly intuitive. It is now even easier for our clients to find tutorials and other resources to answer the questions they have about their DNS services and products. The blog, which is now featured prominently on the front page, is another invaluable educational tool. While the blog highlights tech-related news, as the senior technical writer and editor, I have also launched a series titled, “The Mechanics Behind The Internet.” These essays aim to help a broader audience, i.e., non-IT experts, understand how the Internet functions when it comes to lines of communication between a person’s computer, tablet, or mobile device and the rest of the World Wide Web.

On that note, I have spent hours doing research on an exhaustive list of topics that relate to DNS. I have also spoken with our computer engineers, as well as our President, Steven Job, about ways in which we can educate our clients on how this ‘stuff’ all works. I think it is crucial that people, especially our valued clients, understand why DNS is important. After all, if you understand how DNS works, it means we are playing a crucial role in the financial success of your company. I have committed myself to this new series in order to bridge the gap between those who are fully knowledgeable about DNS – and basically the inner-workings of the Internet – and the general public. While you might be tech savvy and also be a leader, as a CEO, and thus a top expert in your own industry, that doesn’t mean you fully understand DNS management systems. So, it is my job, as the senior writer to provide you with that information and in a clear and concise manner.

In short, we’re here to help you succeed!