We finished another successful internship this past summer with a 100% hiring rate. 100% of all interns ready to start work have either been hired directly by DNS Made Easy or by another technical company within 60 days of looking for jobs.

Just as we are committed to green initiatives to help raise awareness about environmental issues, we are equally committed to continuing education in the workforce. With the shortage of highly qualified individuals with real work experience entering the workplace we began offering our Internship programs in the Summer of 2010.

“We noticed that many individuals that had excellent scholastic achievements lacked the real-world experience that companies demand nowadays,” Steven Job, our president, explained.

While many companies tend to divvy out mundane tasks to their interns, we believe in providing young people with invaluable work experiences that will enable them to learn about the IT field. The DNS Made Easy internship program entails intensive work projects and critical tasks that must be completed in a timely manner. We have an excellent reputation for training interns, so much so that many companies in the IT field end up hiring them once their internships are finished with us. Interns, however, while serving their internship roles at DNS Made Easy are not granted access to the systems that are crucial to the DNS infrastructure. All system access is strictly monitored and controlled within our highly secure firewalls and VPNs.

The company is fully aware of the challenges that young people in the United States are facing when it comes to job prospects. For example, in 2010, according to a poll by Twentysomething Inc., 85% of college graduates had to move home after college. In addition, we know that young, educated Americans are struggling to pay off high levels of student loan debt. Currently, outstanding student loan debt has surpassed $1.1 trillion. This is the first time in history that outstanding student loan debt is higher than credit card debt. In order to give back and support young people, we have operated an internship program, which selects highly talented and promising IT candidates, for four years.

DNS Made Easy’s internship program is competitive and selective. Resumes are carefully screened before candidates are invited in for interviews with President Steven Job and other staff members. While it is prestigious to land an internship with us, Job doesn’t believe in making candidates jump through numerous hoops to be selected.

“It is hard enough to find a paying internship in this cutthroat business environment. And we all know that it is even harder to find a good paying job. I am highly selective and so are my staff when it comes to internship placement. However, we recognize that these young people are facing an economic climate that is unprecedented. It is something that several generations haven’t seen – really, since the Great Depression – so I am enormously sympathetic to young Americans graduating with college debt and coming into the business world. In fact, one of our staff members – Cryn Johannsen – is writing a book about the topic of student loan debt. Before hiring her, I was aware of the student loan crisis. The internship program offers our company to give back, even if in a small way, to people coming out of school. And as we continue to expand, we will make a point to hire more talented, driven college grads,” Job said.