DNS Made Easy Ugly Sweater Contest

Each entry generates a $5 donation to diabetes research

It’s time to show off the ugly!

Raid your closet, pillage your relative’s cedar chests and invade the thrift stores because DNS Made Easy wants to see you in your ugly, unsightly, hideous holiday sweaters.

It isn’t just about looking bad – there’s cash in it for you, $75 to be exact. But, better yet, for every picture posted online, DNS Made Easy will donate $5 to the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation.

Did you know, more than 9 percent of the population suffers from diabetes? Your contribution can help. So, get out those ugly sweaters and start snapping some photos.

As if adorning ugly sweaters isn’t enough fun, there’s a twist.

Photo entries must include a sign saying “I love DNS Made Easy.” You can make this sign and hold it up in the photo, or Photoshop it in afterward. Just find your inner ugly and show it off to the world.

Make sure to post the photo on Twitter too with #DNSMadeEasySweaterContest.

One winner will receive a $75 cash card each week. This extra holiday cash can go toward buying beautiful sweaters you can wear to work – or out with friends.

There is no purchase necessary and entries must be received by December 31.

Get your pictures in today where ugly wins you cash!  Enter now: http://bit.ly/12ZPiP6