DNS Speed

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day all year. It has become so popular that shopping today has more than tripled in less than a decade. Interestingly, the term – Cyber Monday – was coined in 2005 by Shop.org, which is a division of the National Retail Federation.

Last year, Cyber Monday was a huge success with over $1.5 billion in sales from desktop computers. That figure is expected to rise to $1.8 billion this year, and if mobile and tablet devices are included, that figure could be as high as $2 billion. And for those interested in who created the term itself, thank retail consultant Scott Silverman and Ellen Davis. At the time, Silverman was the executive director of Shop.org. Ellen Davis is an official with NRF. When it comes to mobile and tablet devices, these tools have made it even easier for consumers to do bargain shopping. Everything, almost all consumer goods, are at a buyer’s fingertips.

When it comes to ecommerce and online shopping, speed is absolutely crucial in terms of revenue. This is not the time to have a sluggish website – it will turn users off and faster than ever (yes, pun intended). People are becoming so accustomed to faster speeds, that they find any slow down intolerable. Slow speeds not only hurt your revenue, but affect your brand. Put simply – people hateĀ slow sites.

That is why it is in best interest of any and all companies with an online presence – and nowadays basically any entity worth its salt has an Internet presence – to opt for the fastest speeds with DNS Made Easy. We were – once again – just named number 1 for speed. So going with us is not only a given, but a necessity for the success of your business, especially on a day like today!