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Dear DNS Coach,

How else can you increase redundancy with Failover? Are there any integrations?

DNS Made Easy’s Failover response system can actually be configured with Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin, and the Global Traffic Director:

  • Round Robin creates multiple A records with the same name, but with different IP addresses. When a DNS Failover occurs that means a host has failed, so traffic must be redirected to remaining hosts. Round Robin balances the weight of the redirected traffic by placing equal amounts of weight on each host.
    increase redundancy with Failover Infographic
  • Weighted Round Robin is a previously configured tool that kicks in when Failover occurs, redirecting queries (like Round Robin) but in unequal weights. For example, if one host has a higher capacity it might take on 75% of the redirected traffic, while the other smaller host will take 25%. This feature it currently only available through our new product, Constellix.
  • Global Traffic Director is a geo-based DNS service while can be configured with Round Robin and Weighted Round Robin. It permits users to configure load balancing by region.

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