We’re excited to announce more hardware upgrades – great facelifts! – to our facilities in Europe. These scheduled upgrades were similar to the operations we wrapped up last month in the U.S.

Here’s what Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, had to say about the upgrades: “As we have done previously, DNS Made Easy has undergone an entire technology upgrade of our DNS hardware after extensive research and on the ground testing.”

Job added, “We believe we found the correct hardware to implement the routing, switching, and delivery of each DNS query we receive both reliably and rapidly. Saving a few milliseconds per query is crucial to our clients. These hardware upgrades increase capacity and reduce latency and will allow us to remain the world leader in DNS performance and redundancy.”

These recent upgrades have enabled us to dramatically reduce our pricing as well. By increasing our capacity we are in fact able to offer more DNS for less. Earlier this week we surprised the entire industry by offering pricing for large query clients that is 70% lower than previous pricing. That will account for huge savings for our clients and new users.

It’s widely known that we have always been 100% committed to the needs of our clients. By recently lowering pricing and constantly increasing performance we believe the service will expand faster than normal. And we don’t rely upon normal sales gimmicks and commissions that so often plague other DNS providers.

“We invest in state-of-the-art hardware and thus in our clients,” Job explained. “Everyone at the company is proud of the fact that we have the industry best ROI, the highest leading uptime and that third party monitoring companies have recently reported that DNS Made Easy is the fastest DNS provider, far surpassing all the competitors.”

Will there be additional upgrades?

“Absolutely,” Job said. “We are always improving our hardware as well as our features. As far as hardware upgrades, the Asia Pacific region will be next. We’re excited that that region will include the launching of our Sydney, Australia location.”

Stay tuned! We will be adding new features in the coming months, further cementing our number one spot as the leader in DNS services.