We have noticed a significant growth in our Vanity DNS sales. In fact, during the last sales quarter, we have seen an increased growth of over 20% for new domains using our Vanity DNS, a sub-feature to our DNS managed product.

Why do we think we have seen this growth? We attribute the large growth due to being a leader in speed, performance, and reliability. Indeed, with the industry’s fastest speeds, a larger percentage of clients in IT have started to rebrand DNS Made Easy services and are finding it a simple and extremely cost-effective Vanity DNS solution.

Our Corporate members are provided opportunities to purchase the advanced Vanity DNS option that enables them to have their own dedicated IP addresses. This offers an extra level of rebranding with reverse DNS and SWIP over a normal or generic form of Vanity DNS.

Who exactly would want to rebrand using DNS Made Easy’s Vanity DNS Services? Those who are already in the consulting service and offer IT infrastructure but do not wish to invest time, money, and labor to their own DNS infrastructure services. We already have it packaged and ready to be used. Furthermore, anyone who wants to resell our services as an upsell benefits from our Vanity DNS Services.

When it comes to web hosting, a business may already have their web servers. But outsourcing the DNS to us results in greater savings, because it is cheaper to use DNS Made Easy than to configure and maintain a reliable DNS infrastructure. We offer a business membership that is $60 per year for 25 domains. This is far more economical than having the minimum of two dedicated servers to manage DNS effectively. Plus, being that we use the world’s only IP Anycast+ network, we perform significantly better than anything designed by a non-DNS oriented company.

CDNs will often rebrand our services because the company offers the fastest DNS in the world, and CDNs care about speed. To recreate the performance we already offer, it would cost a company millions of dollars in network and hardware costs.

Recently, we performed a survey to find out why clients were increasing their usage of Vanity DNS services. The survey found that clients were more likely to use us because we are the fastest, a leader in the industry when it comes to speed. Vanity DNS can also be added to account services for no additional fee. In addition, corporate members have the option for dedicated IPS for a small yearly fee. Clients also cited that DNS Made Easy has the highest uptime in the industry and thus the best redundancy. Finally, as a result of outsourcing their DNS to us, clients found that they have saved money and, most importantly, increased their ROI.

Are you using our Vanity DNS services?