Remaining a leader in the industry for green policy plans, we have implemented numerous projects in order to remain committed to saving the planet and reducing our carbon footprint.

We are proud to announce our 2014 energy savings initiative. Since 2009, when we started our initial energy savings plan, DNS Made Easy has become the industry’s leader in energy conservation.

As already mentioned, we are committed to continuous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. During the summer of 2013, we invested in further energy saving plans in order to raise awareness about the environment, demonstrating the positive role that DNS companies or other Internet Service Providers can play in green initiatives.

DNS Made Easy is able to invest in energy savings because, unlike other enterprise DNS companies, we are committed entirely to its clients and making smart financial choices. There are no hidden costs for a marketing team or sales force, so DNS Made Easy focuses on positive plans for saving the planet.

There are numerous ways in which we have invested in energy conservation. First, the company purchased energy efficient hardware, replacing older hardware that was not as environmentally friendly. For example, the company purchased 60w CPUS to replace previous 90w CPUs. With over 60 CPUs per POP, that is an immediate 1.8kW in savings. Not only do the newer CPUs require less energy, they are also more powerful. Second, whenever it is possible to do so, they use cloud computing efficiently and economically. When DNS Made Easy requires a large data load or processing power, they activate to multiple cloud instances to handle the high load.

During the slow time these instances are deactivated so they are no longer consuming energy for DNS Made Easy. This is in stark contrast to using large infrastructures of equipment that demand high energy levels all the time for computing power that is only needed on a temporary basis. Third, we use data centers all over the world. It is a well-known fact that these facilities consume far more power than a typical building. With these green initiatives in mind, DNS Made Easy’s facilities use preferred 208 volt, 3-phase power systems. The power configuration is the most efficient in a data center, generally requiring fewer circuits per cage, and that means fewer power cables that can obstruct air flow.

We even do little things – little things that add up – in our offices. For instance, the company installed sensor lights in our offices, so that the lights go off automatically when movement halts in a room.

None of the energy saving initiatives hurt the company’s performance or reliability. In fact, it helps increase ROI for our clients.

Our investing is also paying off for our clients, especially when it comes to having the fastest speeds in the industry. For the months of July and August, we outpaced all other DNS services in speed.

“We are committed to our clients, and we are committed to energy savings. Since we have a dedicated staff and don’t bother with sales gimmicks, DNS Made Easy is able to give back and put time and money into green initiatives. This is very important to me, and to my staff,” said Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy. “We encourage all other infrastructure or software as a service providers to look at their energy saving policies and to put forth a continuous effort to improve things.”