By using our DNS Failover Services, companies are saving in big ways. In fact, we did a recent study and found that companies who used our Failover Services saved a tremendous amount of money in revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

The Failover Services from DNS Made Easy allows our clients to configure health checks for systems in their network. Failover and System monitoring services utilize the strength of DNS Made Easy’s network to correctly identify systems that are “up” and “down.” Based upon the health of the systems, DNS Made Easy will automatically change the IP address of the hosted DNS service within our IP Anycast+ network. All changes to DNS records are made using our proprietary Peregrine Instant DNS update technology which is ranked as the fastest in the world. Overall, our DNS services are of superior quality, as we invest in hardware and internet infrastructure rather than marketing gimmicks and a sales team.

Our clients are offered specific and tailored configuration options to suit each user’s requirements. The System Monitoring service is an additional component that adds strength to our  Failover Service. If the primary system is determined to be available after any down event, customers are able to automatically or manually revert to the primary system. This allows clients to have the option of locking the record in backup state, enabling changes to be made at the facility that suffered the outage before reverting back to a normal operational mode.

All clients who use our Failover Service must have redundant (otherwise known as “mirrored”) hosting elsewhere in order to take full advantage of the service. Furthermore, clients who use our Failover Service must use the DNS Made Easy IP Anycast+ DNS service, which provides the foundation to the Failover Service. By using all of these services, clients can enjoy cost effective products that protect them from costly issues.

The estimated $403 million dollars in saved revenue from avoiding downtime was extrapolated based on a recent survey given to some DNS Made Easy clients that used the DNS Failover service over Q3 2013.

“Our staff takes the Failover Service very seriously. That’s why we have invested so much in our hardware and continue to make improvements, guaranteeing that there are no outages that lead to inevitable revenue loss. DNS Made Easy is proud to supply the services that keep the largest brands of the world running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year,” Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, explained.