We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a mobile web app to our 30,000 existing companies and organizations that use DNS Made Easy’s services. The new DNS mobile application is all about convenience, allowing our clients to change functionality and configuration to their domains while away from their work or home computer.

Most domain users, and that definitely includes our awesome DNS Made Easy clients, have hectic, intense, and demanding lives, both professionally and personally, so our new mobile app was created to help them do work and administer DNS while on the road. Even better, the brand new DNS mobile application can be downloaded for free on Android based devices. The DNS Made Easy mobile application is now available on Google Play. And once the Apple Gods and Goddesses decide to approve the app, it will also be available to IOS users (stay tuned for an update on that approval – y’all will definitely be informed about it). All DNS Made Easy users, and future customers, at all membership levels have free access to the new service.

We listen to our clients and take their requests seriously. So when they requested a mobile app, we got on it, launching a new and innovative service, once again proving that we are leaders when it comes to providing our clients with cutting edge DNS services and management.  We are also proud of that fact that we offer the fastest DNS speed in the industry. Not only that, but we continue to offer superb, reliable, and consistent redundancy. And now, we are proud to say that we are a leader in DNS mobile applications by offering – as previously mentioned – our 30,000+ clients the ability to manage the 700,000+ domains that rely on DNS Made Easy services.

The first version’s initial functionality – 1.0 – will offer standard domain operations and record modification. Users, however, should keep in mind that some of the advanced functionality features will not be available on the mobile web app. In other words, much like online banking systems, some of the features require customers to either go to the bank itself or perform the action on a website from a computer. Since DNS Made Easy is committed to constant improvements, in the next coming weeks and months additional features will be added to the company’s DNS mobile application. So stay tuned for future announcements about those additional features!

Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, emphasizes the importance of outperforming others in the industry in order to meet the needs of his clients, “We are proud to be a leading provider with cutting edge DNS services and DNS management. This ensures that our clients are more than just satisfied, but view us as true partners who have their business goals in mind. That means we care about your everyday operations, and helping you reach that long-term vision.”