We are extremely excited to announce that our mobile app is now available for iOS devices in the Apple Store. The new iOS app was just released, shortly after the Android app, which DNS Made Easy launched earlier this week.

The brand spanking new iOS app can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store. As mentioned, the Android app was released earlier this week, August 19th to be precise. You might be wondering, why the delay with Apple? The App Store review process had us on our toes, and was extensive and exhaustive enough for both app marketplaces.

Since we’ve released the app to Android and Apple users, some of you might be wondering: what if I am a Blackberry user? So you Blackberry users are aware, we are mulling the idea of offering the app on your devices, too. As, Steven Job, CEO of DNS Made Easy said recently, “If our corporate clients who use Blackberry want the mobile app as well, we will look into servicing their needs in the near future.”

He added, “We put our clients first, so if we receive feedback from these users and they say, ‘We want it for Blackberry,’ then we will make sure they have a product and soon.”

After all, that is what the company did for Android and iOS users. These users requested the mobile app, so we launched the new and innovative service, once again confirming that we are a leading provider with cutting edge DNS services.

We also want everyone to be aware that DNS Made Easy is going to be offering special promotions in the coming weeks. Job explained, “We want to raise further awareness about the mobile app and how easily our clients can access their DNS configurations using their mobile devices, so we’re going to be announcing new promotions in order to help spread the word about these features.”

So, check back here soon to learn about those promotional offers! (It’s super good stuff, I know that for a fact).