Check it out! DNS Made Easy offers fastest DNS speeds in the months of July and August.

In July, a third party, Solve DNS, found that DNS Made Easy offers the fastest speeds in the industry. Once again, and as mentioned above, Solve DNS announced that the company had the fastest speeds for the month of August.

“We aren’t surprised by these findings. Nevertheless, the figures excite me and the team here at DNS Made Easy. As I’ve said before, we are all invested in the speed and redundancy of our services,” said Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy.

Speeds coincide with another new development at DNS Made Easy: the company has made major changes to their product offerings. For instance, last month DNS Made Easy also dramatically slashed the pricing for existing clients and new clients. This move shocked the industry as DNS Made Easy not only has the industry’s fastest speeds but also lowest pricing.

DNS Made Easy has announced many positive developments in the past month including significant hardware upgrades and the release of a mobile application for Android and Apple devices. In addition, they have plans to expand their DNS presence in Australia.

“There is a lot going on which further demonstrates the commitment we have to our current clients and also our drive to build new relationships. This is a period of intense growth for DNS Made Easy, Job explained. All of these advancements are being done to always reach the ultimate goal of increased ROI.”

DNS Made Easy is committed to offering superior speed and redundancy. Customers have come to expect this type of service. That is why the company maintains its lead.