DNS Made Easy Ranks #1 in the World in DNS Lookup Speed and #1 in Uptime

In light of the recent downtime by other DNS providers, DNS Made Easy boasts a 13-year leading up time, the best in the industry. DNS Made Easy invests a significant amount of revenue in our infrastructure, and that’s why we are always number one in uptime.

Not only is DNS Made Easy number one in uptime, but we were rated number one in speed for April.

Take a look at what sets DNS Made Easy apart from the competition and enables our clients to serve their customers better:

Number One in Speed
Solve DNS, a third party network research firm, said DNS Made Easy provides the fastest network speeds in the industry for the month of April.

Each DNS query is timed and logged, and at the end of the month, SolveDNS analyzes the data and generates a report, which includes the rankings of the top DNS providers in terms of DNS query speed in milliseconds.

In April, DNS Made Easy had an average response time of 7.99 milliseconds, which was a full two milliseconds ahead of the closest competitor.

“We remain the top in the industry for speed, because of the time, knowledge, and financial investment we put into our equipment and infrastructure,” said Steven Job, president of DNS Made Easy, which has a 13-year leading up time, the best in the industry. “I am pleased to see these results, because the difference between our speed and the competitor who comes in at second place is quite dramatic. DNS Made Easy is two-to-three times faster than competing DNS services that charge exponentially more for speed.”

Network speeds are mission-critical in providing fast resolution times for customer domains. Low latency applications, such as DNS are typically where delays occur in processing data. That’s why DNS Made Easy invests in network infrastructure, which provides the extra edge over the competition in terms of performance and speed.

Focus on Technology = Better Speed
DNS Made Easy invests 89% of all revenue in hardware, colocation, bandwidth, and DDoS mitigation-related services. This investment is vastly different from normal industry practices where sales commissions and other associated marketing costs generally account for a major percentage of where companies apply their revenue.

The DNS Made Easy’s proprietary IP Anycast+ network is an infrastructure made up of multiple geographically distributed points of presence around the world connected with DNS Made Easy layer two network. This routing provides global load balancing, multiple levels of redundancy, decreased latency, and a true distributed response to denial of service (DoS) and DDoS attacks. The system also utilizes the best server location to respond to queries, which results in a faster response time.

Recently, DNS Made Easy made upgrades to their San Jose location, upgrading a three-year-old system. The new equipment increases the capacity routinely expected from a service such as DNS Mad Easy.

Currently, DNS Made Easy is handling 8 billion queries a day and is expecting to exceed an average daily query volume of 13 billion within the next 18 months. A second benefit of the infrastructure upgrades is increased speed.

DNS Made Easy will continue infrastructure improvements throughout 2014 aimed at further network optimization. Customers can expect to see major improvements in Asia-based regions as well as on the West Coast in the United States. New network locations are also planned in 2014 following the deployment of Sydney, Australia; a much anticipated launch that took place at the end of 2013.

Better Speed = Superior Search Engine Optimization
Speed also translates into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) returns. Google and other search engines rank websites based on speed in which DNS resolution plays a large role. The better SEO return, the more likely the site is to appear in the first page or on the top result of a search result. A site ranked in the #1 spot in a search result can usually expect 8.5 times as much traffic as a web site that is ranked in the 5th spot on the first page.

Customers who use DNS Made Easy have access to the fastest network in the industry and cut query resolution by more than 50%, which vastly improves SEO for those domains.

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