So, Tiggee has conducted another survey, and they found out some interesting things – out of all DNS Made Easy clients, 95% confirmed that our company was the leader in performance, reliability, and ROI. Clients are excited about the new lower pricing offers as well as the release of mobile apps for Smartphones and Apple devices, making DNS management far easier.

Here’s what our President, Steven Job, had to say about the survey: “We invest the revenue from our clients into things that benefit them. We are absolutely committed to making our DNS services better than any other DNS service provider. We truly value the trust of our clients.”

That is noteworthy given our recent pricing offers. This is an example of how we use every dollar to invest in our clients and then reward them for their loyalty. Besides, we don’t use the money for anything else, as we have an extremely limited marketing budget and no sales staff. This is why DNS Made Easy offers the best value for the best services. This is also one of the reasons why we offer the fastest speeds in the industry.

We value the trust of our clients, and this is something that we discussed in a recent management review of DNS services.

We want you to know that we hold up a specific work philosophy – remaining totally committed to customer care.