We have rolled out a new website with an entirely fresh design in order to promote expanded service offerings that will be announced in the next few months. The website, however, is not just about its aesthetics: its usability and functionality are faster and vastly improved.

That’s right! We just unveiled a new, usable, and sleek informational website late last week. We did this because we received feedback through ticket responses from clients that enabled us to make the changes and roll out a highly interactive website that promotes our DNS services and other product offerings.

We have been collecting user feedback and compiling studies to continually update and improve the company’s website. This newest version is a result of many years worth of data collecting. Based upon these studies and client feedback, the company’s graphic design department did a complete redesign of the site.

One of the primary reasons for the change was to give our company’s brand a fresh, energetic, and attractive look. Visitors to the site will also be impressed by its improved functionality. First, it is highly adaptive and responsive, so that users can easily access the website on their computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This makes its usability superior and simple, because the content and usability is at the client’s fingertips. Second, we have moved the blog section to a more prominent place on the front page, allowing visitors to get the latest news about DNS services, internet infrastructure, and other tech-related stories. Our blogs and articles offer fresh insights into the tech industry and its inner workings. Third, the site has made large gains on becoming intuitive in terms of navigation, which helps users find precisely what they need in little to no time.

All of these new components have attracted new clients, as the revamped content is aimed to appeal to a diverse range of clients, from internet hobbyists, small businesses, and major corporations.

These changes are noteworthy because it shows the way in which we have kept up with an ever-changing technological landscape.

“We take our customer requests and their input very seriously, and that is why we are committed to being ahead of the game, getting feedback from clients, and adapting to all sorts of changes. These changes are reflected in our network, services, and even our website,” Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, said. “That is how we went about improving our site, and we’re excited to have a highly competent and talented team of graphic designers and writers who help us maintain the leading edge we already have in the industry.”