We have seen a dramatic spike in DNS registrars after there was a large DNS failure suffered by a major domain registrar.

That’s right. In the past week, several large registrar companies have experienced major outages. As a result of these serious outages, something that costs companies millions of dollars in lost revenue, we experienced a noticeable and dramatic spike in large domain transfers. Unfortunately, this serves as another important lesson (and something I’ve written about several time): in order to avoid such outages, it is in a company’s best interest to diversify their internet infrastructure, particularly when it comes to DNS services.

How did we see this play out? Well, it was through a lot of word of mouth via social media. Thus, social media played a major role in the spike of new clients, as active and engaged members of various online communities – Twitter was most notably used – made recommendations to individuals and businesses who expressed frustration via tweets about these outages. Many of the new users were also attracted to our new website.

We understand the importance of social media, and make a point to reach out to existing clients on various social media platforms. Our own voice is expressed in a dynamic and engaging manner via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. In fact, as a way to express customer appreciation, we will be launching promotions in the next coming months on these social media platforms.

When it comes to our services, there are several reasons why clients recommended us to users who expressed deep dissatisfaction about their registrar’s downtime issues. First, our IP Anycast+ managed DNS is rich and made up of a multi-cloud architecture. Second, this IP Anycast+ offers enhanced traffic scalability and deliverability for a client’s site or sites. The system is also designed to offer dramatically high speeds, something that is crucial when attracting new business. We fully understand the importance of speed, as internet users are becoming increasingly impatient when the web – uptime – is slow. In fact, even if there aren’t outages, time is another factor, and if a company lacks speed, something that we offer, then they risk lost revenue as well. This is why DNS Made Easy has invested so much time and money in our hardware, and it is paying off for our clients’ ROI. Our Mega-POPS outperform all of our competitors too. Finally, we offer superior automatic DNS Failover and system monitoring, which means that if your website, service, or internet goes offline, all of that traffic – which would otherwise see that blackout (and that means lost revenue and the tarnishing of a company’s brand) – is automatically rerouted to a secondary IP address, server, or provider that a company has in place to avoid the embarrassment of such events being made visible to your customers.

“Our DNS system and services just keep getting better. We don’t waste time with gimmicks or pushing our products with a sales team, something that would be a waste of our clients’ money. Instead, we invest in our hardware in order to help our clients avoid the serious problems that can result from outages. So, we don’t just invest in being the fastest, but we also offer services that will protect your brand and help you avoid downtime. Downtime is really a nail in your business’s coffin, and that is why we’re valued by our clients. We don’t want to simply save you money, we want to be here, as a partner, to help you earn money,” Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, explained.