We are happy to say that DNS Made Easy has seen tremendous growth in our trustworthy backup email services during Q3 2013. Recent outages by primary hosting companies and email service providers is the primary reason for the large increase in usage to our secondary email services.

Furthermore, we think there are numerous reasons for why we have over 10,000 clients using the company’s backup email services. First, it protects customers’ emails in case their mail server goes down for a short period of time. Second, it is good for long-term outages. In fact, our backup email services can hold queued emails for up to two weeks. Not only do we hold your email queue for two weeks, but we will – by default – hold up to a gig of email and queue it any point in time. This feature is of great value, especially given the cost of the service.

Third, our service is easy to set up. Just how easy is it to set up? There are only two simple steps. First, clients add the domain name to our control panel. Then they add MX records to their domain.

Finally, the service protects users against some types of email SPAM. We check the senders against their RBL (Real Time Black List). We query those RBLS to determine if the message is in fact SPAM. So, we protect the backup mail service in order to avoid SPAM going to your customers.

“The use of RBLs on our email servers helps our clients avoid problems and huge headaches with SPAM,” Steven Job, CEO and President of DNS Made Easy, said.

He added, “Bottom line is this: it is a simple service that is simple to set up. DNS Made Easy has historically offered the best services with outstanding customer service. This is yet another example of how we are leaders in the DNS and email industry. Based upon a recent third party announcement, the company’s DNS speeds, for instance, were found to be the fastest in the industry for the month of July 2013. We pride ourselves on offering the best of the best; the best solutions for the best price.”