We are pleased to announce a new pricing plan on queries for Corporate Users that immediately drops pricing for all new and current clients by over 70%!

Why have we made this decision? Based upon our scale of bulk volume and purchasing power, we have hit a tipping point in our pricing to offer amazing savings to existing clients.

Here’s what Steven Job, CEO and President of DNS Made Easy, had to say about these awesome pricing cuts: “Oftentimes people assume that if you lower your pricing, it’s a red flag about the health of a company. But that’s not always the case. DNS Made Easy has lowered pricing on certain items numerous times in the past.  When we do this we always lower pricing for all users at the same time. This is what is fair, and this is what we would expect from a service that we use ourselves. It is another prime example of our company expanding exponentially, allowing us to buy in larger volumes.”

You see, all of us here at DNS Made Easy believe that taking actions like this are one more reason why companies have decided to choose us over higher priced and lower performing DNS alternatives. Really, it’s kind of a no brainer. After all, you are getting superior services and products at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, we have always been a leader in innovation and pricing, and this move has many industry insiders believing that we have once again (!) set a new bar for pricing. We’re not going to disagree with them.

“We can offer the best possible pricing because we keep our costs lower than our competitors,” Job explained.  “With no sales staff, no commissions, and a very conservative marketing budget we are able to offer pricing for our services and be profitable while our competitors are busy trying to figure out how to structure their commission structures with exponentially higher inflated pricing.”

On top of this pricing cut, we have recently carried out infrastructure and hardware upgrades. Many of these upgrades have helped us remain the top performing IP Anycast DNS service in the industry.

“You can see that DNS Made Easy is focused on its clients base and building new relationships. Instead of using money on frivolous overhead spending, we invest in our users in multiple ways. Recent upgrades to the system are one example, as is this pricing cut. All of this expansion, renegotiating our rates with our providers, has also allowed us to lower our costs for our clients. In doing so, our clients get a far better ROI when they choose our DNS services.”

Of course, we have done this numerous times over our ten plus year history in order to remain a world leader in DNS service.

What are the benefits of this dramatic pricing change? Our Corporate Membership currently includes 50 million queries per month with additional query pricing at $1.85, then $1.35, then finally $0.20 per million for queries over one billion.  Under the new pricing plan the queries will immediately go to $0.48 per million queries after first 50 million queries that are included in the Corporate Membership. That is a 74% savings.

Furthermore, we will retroactively credit corporate accounts based on this pricing model back to September 1, 2013. Any corporate accounts that have pre-purchased (or pre-paid) additional query traffic will also automatically receive credits to their accounts.  These service credits will go into effect throughout the month of September.

“We are very excited to announce that recent upgrades at regional network locations have solidified our lead in the industry as the fastest and most reliable DNS provider available,” Job said.

We have also invested heavily in engineering as well, and we have plans to offer many additional services over the next few months. Last month, for instance, we launched mobile applications for IOS and Andriod devices that allowed users access to make DNS changes from the world’s most popular mobile devices.