We have another feature for you! The CPanel Plugin helps you with administering enterprise IP Anycast DNS services with your shared hosting environment. This is yet another feature that DNS Made Easy offers now, along with numerous ones we have rolled out – like the mobile app – in recent months. We also plan to release additional features in the coming months, so stay tuned for those developments.

How does the CPanel plugin operate?

A special CPanel plugin functions like an app that is installed in CPanel. Once installed, it provides you with extended functionality for enhancing your DNS. The functionality is better because your DNS will be hosted by DNS Made Easy instead of your own CPanel server, which is the default behavior for a CPanel installation. This allows the user – you! – to take advantage of the power of the DNS Made Easy IP Anycast+ network with the simplicity of configuring all of your options within CPanel.

The CPanel plugin for DNS Made Easy allows you to install DNS Made Easy functionality directly within your CPanel account. This enables you to directly administer DNS Made Easy primary or secondary DNS services through CPanel via DNS Made Easy’s powerful REST API rather than having to access DNS Made Easy’s web control panel. The DNS Made Easy CPanel plugin provides limited DNS Made Easy functionality such as adding, modifying, and deleting domains. It will also allow you to add, modify, and create individual records.

Company engineers noted that the access to advanced features such as DNS Failover, Global Traffic Director, and Vanity DNS can only be configured through the DNS Made Easy web control panel.

For secondary DNS, you can create domains and delete domains. In addition, our secondary DNS users can create, delete, and modify secondary IP sets. Secondary IP sets are the list of primary name servers that will be used to retrieve the required zone / domain information.

How do I install the plugin?

Installation of the plugin is quick, easy, and painless. It only requires running an install script on the CPanel server. Once installed, the plugin is available through any CPanel account on the server. Furthermore, if you use primary DNS services on your own server, you can use the “one click set up” secondary DNS domain in the plugin which automatically configures zone transfers to DNS Made Easy secondary name servers.

Steve Job, President of DNS Made Easy, said, “This plugin is a great way to carry out domain management through one interface while still using an external DNS provider like DNS Made Easy who provides 100% uptime on an IP Anycast+ globally distributed network.”