DNS Made Easy won’t leave you Home Alone

Pop culture meets Domain Name Service

It’s the time of year again when we all forget a few things. We leave the lights on, forget to feed the dog, and maybe leave a kid or two at home – alone.

Well, maybe that’s just in the movies.

Compare these Home Alone famous facts with what DNS Made Easy has to offer.

Home Alone: Keep the change, your filthy animal. The gangster flick footage was created specifically for Home Alone. Although it is heavily inspired by the James Cagney movie, Angels With Dirty Faces.

DNS Made Easy: Pricing starts at $29.95 per year for a small business membership. You can have your domains and eat a big Christmas dinner too. With prices that low, the leftover funds can mean lots of loot. You can keep the change, but we won’t call you a filthy animal.

Home Alone: The famous movie poster for the film with Macaulay Culkin screaming, hands on his face, is based on the Edvard Munch painting, “The Scream.”

DNS Made Easy: DNS Made Easy was created to provide the best customer support, top notch security and high speeds. We didn’t create the proverbial DNS wheel, just made it better.

Home Alone: John Candy’s role in the film was shot over a continuous 23-hour stint on the set, and he improvised the story about forgetting his son at a funeral home.

DNS Made Easy: DNS Made Easy makes work simple with the “set it and forget it” features. For example, our 100 percent uptime means a geographically diverse network works on a global scale, around-the-clock to keep vital security measures and a reliable network infrastructure in place. No need to work 23 hours in a row.

Home Alone: When Home Alone came out in November, 1990, it was in the theaters through June of the following year. For 12 of those weeks it was the number one film at the box office. That record landing the film in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Highest Box Office Gross – Comedy,” pulling in $533M internationally.

DNS Made Easy: We work to upgrade our systems across the globe. Recently, the San Jose upgrades were completed to aid in the inauguration of DNS Made Easy’s launch of its newest Seattle Point of Presence. Next up, Tokyo, Japan. Look out Guinness, here we come.

Home Alone: “You guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?” was an improvised line not originally in the script.

DNS Made Easy: Just when you think you have hit a road block. DNS Made Easy comes up with solutions – just like improvised lines in famous flicks. The IP Anycast Routing provides global load balancing, redundancy, decreased latency, and a true distributed response to denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.  Check out our Corporate Advantage.

Home Alone is touted at one of the most successful Christmas movies of recent times.

And, DNS Made Easy is the front runner of DNS providers. It’s a natural fit.

There is one promise we can make: we won’t leave you Home Alone.

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