This week DNS Made Easy finished making hardware upgrades throughout the United States.

What did Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, have this to say about the facelift? Well, we made a point to ask him about these exciting new hardware upgrades!

“We did an entire technology upgrade on our DNS hardware after doing years of research and testing,” Job explained. “We believe we found the correct hardware to implement the routing, switching, and delivery of each DNS query we receive. Saving a few milliseconds per query is crucial to our clients. We want to continue delivering the best products, with the fastest speeds, and offer superior redundancy to our clients. These hardware upgrades will increase capacity and reduce latency.”

With over 28,000 companies and organizations relying on the services of DNS Made Easy, it is surprising to many industry insiders that DNS Made Easy has essentially no sales staff to speak of. Instead, DNS Made Easy has made a point to invest in technology and produce exceptional value to help sell our services. This is a major difference between other competing services that posses large sales forces to sell their products. Here at DNS Made Easy, we argue that these large sales forces lead to bloated and inflated service pricing.  In short, it’s a big waste of money!

With hardware upgrades implemented in the United States, our DNS Made Easy’s operations team will head to Europe this week to carry out the same tasks on the hardware in that part of the world. After the team is through in Europe, the Asia Pacific region will be next. This region’s upgrades will include the launch of our Sydney, Australia point of presence.

“We are aggressively upgrading everything because we are committed to our client base. This shows that we are leaders in the industry in more than just way,” Job emphasized.

Finally, DNS Made Easy offers several new features and will be rolling out lower pricing plans in the next few months. This means we expect to continue our dominant role as the world leader in IP Anycast DNS services.