Tiggee released a new study that found, whether or not sales are good this year, DNS speeds are a proven way to increase revenue and get a step ahead of the competition during the holiday season.

As mentioned above, an independent study by Tiggee (our parent company), found that speed plays an important role in the success of online commerce. The study discovered that a slowdown in web speed can result in significant loss in revenue for online merchants and services. In addition, a slow performing website often leads to lower user interaction, loss of brand credibility, and – as already stated – eventual loss of revenue. With the holidays fast approaching, speed is crucial when it comes to the success of online sales for the most important shopping period of the year.

While the National Retail Federation projected on October 3, 2013 that sales overall will increase during the key holiday shopping months – November and December – by nearly 4% (or over $600 billion), recent furloughs of 800,000 federal employees may hurt that prediction. And we won’t even mention the debt ceiling debacle . . . (So, yeah, I just digressed). In any event, if that is the outcome, if sales, especially online commerce, are lackluster this coming holiday season, speed and uptime (versus the dreaded downtime) will be crucial. After all, the loss of one day during the holiday season, say with an outage, is the equivalent of losing a week or even one full month in sales during the regular retail season for many online merchants.

This is why companies who rely on online commerce are at an advantage when they use our services. In fact, we have seen a sharp increase in companies signing up for either their managed or secondary DNS services, just ahead of the holiday season. That is because companies with a large online presence are making the move actively to gain an edge over their competition. They’re making the move now, right before online shopping shifts into (potentially) high gear over the holiday season. Conversely, if holiday sales are down, as a result of the debt ceiling debacle, continued sequestration, and the outcome of furloughed federal employees, speed and uptime will be even more important.

With us, companies are able to rely upon the strength of DNS Made Easy IP Anycast+ network. These companies are finding both our reliable DNS infrastructure and DNS Failover to be invaluable. With the proper use of DNS services from us, organizations are able to keep sites running efficiently which will increase their revenue.

We also have a huge competitive edge over other DNS providers in the industry by deciding to have zero dedicated sales representatives and a minimal marketing budget. Instead, we have decided to invest heavily in performance, features, and reliability. This is one of the reasons why we remain the leader on return on investment (ROI) over any other enterprise DNS service provider.

In a study announced by Amazon, a 100ms slowdown, just one tenth of a second, can mean a 1% decrease in revenue. Our typical client often sees as much as a 80ms to 200ms decreases in DNS lookup time. It is easy to see how this extra boost of performance provided by DNS Made Easy often results in a drastic increase in revenue for many companies.

When Black Friday hits, the day that retailers are able to get out of the red, having trusted, fast, and reliable DNS services are more than just important – the revenue for a company depends upon this technology to promote its brand and sell its products.

“I have heard from company owners after Black Friday who have told me that they are so thankful that we offered such great speeds and customer service on that day. When I hear these stories, I know that we’re doing our job to help companies succeed during the holiday season. And we all know, that is a tough season for retailers, one that comes with a lot of pressure. It’s intense. So, if there is one less thing they need to worry about – their DNS infrastructure – than I know that we are contributing to the success of their business in an important way. That makes everyone here at DNS Made Easy feel great,” Steven Job, our President, said.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that we recently released a new pricing plan for large enterprise accounts with DNS pricing at $0.20 per million queries which is lowest in the industry. By having the fastest performance DNS service in the industry while also keeping at the lowest cost, we are expecting a record breaking quarter of clients switching to DNS Made Easy for their DNS infrastructure.

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