Yesterday, InfoWorld provided a detailed account of what things would go offline in the event of a government shutdown.

Here are a few things that won’t work:

1) If you have put in a FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act Requests), don’t hold your breath. All FOIA requests will be put on hold until the government resumes its duties.

2) If you’re a tech worker who travels outside of the country, or you need to stay here, don’t count on obtaining passports or anything else related to citizenship paperwork. None of these things will be processed during the shutdown. So, you will have to, unfortunately, hang tight.

3) Don’t want to receive those pesky calls from unwanted individuals and companies? Well, thanks to the shutdown, the FTC ‘s Do Not Call Registry will be offline.

4) Tech-firm startups will be unable to receive small business loans. So, good luck with launching that awesome company you have been operating on a shoe-string budget out of your home.

For the full list of things that won’t work and things that will work, visit this link.