Earth Day
April 20, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

It’s a challenge to have both a large global network, high network performance, but also manage to be eco-friendly. But we’ve figured out a few ways to stay green, despite the odds. Join us in celebrating Earth Day by sharing your energy efficient tips and tricks!

spring cleaning

#1 Spring Cleaning

Every year (coincidently it tends to happen in Spring) to take a step back and reevaluate how energy efficient our network is. We typically start from the bottom up, are we using servers and racks that use less electricity? Now this is also good for our wallets, which in turn is great for our customers. We try to always pass the savings on, whether it be through affordable services or the occasional gift. We recently revamped a few of our facilities and replace older boxes with new ones that actually push out more CPU, while consuming considerably less energy.

light switch

#2 Turn Off the Lights!

No one wants to be the nag that’s¬†constantly asking people to remember to turn the lights off when they leave. That’s why we installed motion-sensing lights throughout our corporate offices.The lights only come on if there’s someone actually using them, it’s genius!


#3 Get Flexible

The DC metro area is the worst for rush hour traffic in the country. No really, it’s actually number one. Instead of joining the rest of the work force in the daily gridlock, DNS Made Easy offers flex commuting for all of its employees. Not only does this cut down on gas and emissions, but contributes to a more positive work environment and allows for more time to do the stuff we actually love.

Tell us your tips and tricks to stay eco-friendly in the work environment!