That’s right. There are now high-tech beer koozies for purchase. So, if you want to kick your koozie collection into high-technological gear (who doesn’t own a million of these things, uh, right?), check out this new product made by Florida-based company Chilling The Most.

Chilling The Most is owned by Anthony Altieri, a former software consultant. Altieri quickly realized that there was a niche market for keeping drinks colder, so he cashed out all of his stock options, and went on to create a cone-shaped hoodie to fit the basic 12-oz drink holder. (The drink holder, incidentally, is designed by Thermos). It can be purchased online at the site listed above, and from Altieri himself, who travels to numerous events every year to sell the koozies. The product can’t be purchased in stores just yet, but Altieri’s mentor Jerry Steinberg anticipates that that will change soon. Steinberg will be the new chairman for the Palm Beach chapter of SCORE. SCORE offers advice and guidance to small businesses, like Altieri’s.

Altieri has been selling the koozies for quite some time, actually – to be precise – he’s been running the small business since 2008 at outdoor events. But he did recently receive a patent for his product (in July, as a matter of fact).

Here’s an ad for the product:

How does it work exactly? The can insulator takes out air between two walls of stainless steel. This minimizes heat, hence keeping your beer cold.

So, who’s going to purchase one of these high-tech beer koozies?