Microsoft recently unveiled a new type of hybrid cloud computing – Azure Cloud. Companies of all sizes will be able to take advantage of their cloud services with standard Windows Server Management.

What are the benefits of this new form of cloud computing?

According to a piece by Charles Babcock, editor-at-large at InformationWeek, “Businesses that have been reluctant to get the cloud journey underway on their own — not enough IT staff, no budget for off-premises public cloud use — can now turn to the familiar Windows Server and System Center, the Windows Server systems management console, and find an embedded roadmap to the cloud.”

As Babcock points out, don’t assume that Windows is now in the cloud. It’s actually the opposite. The Azure cloud will be in Windows. This will work in tandem with Windows in the data center.

The new features will be available October 18th in the 2012 Release 2 versions.

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