It is common knowledge that Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a major name because it is a chipmaker, and had been at one point the dominant force in this arena for PC makers. But with the rise of the tablet as a gadget that most people now own, Intel has found itself struggling to manage its control in the tech market. As Aman Jain reports at Value Walk, Intel is “struggling to ramp up its chip designs and specifications to support tablets and mobiles to save its 63 percent gross margin by continuing making chips.” In fact, a third of all Americans now own a tablet.

That’s why the company is jumping into what is called the “Internet of Things.” The “Internet of Things” has become a new trend in the tech industry by which tech companies, such as Intel, are essentially trying to connect everything to the Internet, meaning the scale in your bathroom, the ventilation systems in your office, to your everyday robots, and much more. As for Intel, as Jain explains, the company is trying to make chips essential in things like medical devices and entertainment systems in cars.

New chips are on their way, Ton Steenman, general manager of Intel’s Intelligent Systems Group explains. Some are already out. For example, Intel rolled out the new E3800 chips, which is already being used by numerous electronics manufacturers. Steenman explained that the E3800 chips will enable Intel to reach “billions of devices we [as a company] have never been able to delve into before.”

Only time will tell if these new efforts and the company’s aim to jump into the “Internet of Things” will pay off.