If it irks you, it irks us too

We all have things that bother us: bad drivers, people who talk during movies and double dippers.
However, it’s a whole new world when it comes to online pet peeves. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 190 million digital shoppers, according to Research Results, a web-based polling institution.
DNS Made Easy has its own pet peeves when it comes to online transactions and those ideas seem to fall in line with what consumers can’t stand. Check out how DNS Made Easy mitigates online annoyances.
Pet Peeve #1: Paying shipping costs. Everyone likes finding good deals online, but when it comes time to check out, taxes and shipping costs can negate the good deal.
DNS Made Easy offers a plethora of services, none have shipping costs. It’s as easy as click, download and start using. No delivery trucks needed. No shipping charges.
Pet Peeve #2: Getting something different than what’s portrayed online or in ads. It’s the classic bait and switch. All things aren’t shiny and made of gold, as promised. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have been taken.
DNS Made Easy offers what you see is what you get. We are the industry leader in uptime for 14 years running. We offer subject matter experts to help with any situation from e-mail to DNS configuration.
Pet Peeve #3: Lack of local market support. Everyone enjoys helping out the local business owner, but buying online takes away some of that local flare. Sometimes consumers don’t even know what state merchandise or services are coming from when they give credit card information.
DNS Made Easy is based in Reston, VA, but has Point of Presence (PoP) locations around the nation. Real people answer our phones and it isn’t beyond the CEO to pull cables and set up computer systems to help better serve customers. In addition, DNS Made Easy supports local and national charities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Setting your mind as ease: DNS Made Easy custom-fits each DNS product and service to your business, its specific needs and tailors each tool to be what you need and want it to be. Everything is designed to be uniquely you!
Our network is fully managed and controlled in-house, built and operated by DNS Made Easy experts. In addition, our engineers constantly research, upgrade, and redesign our network to exceed industry standards and insure we continually defend against modern security threats.