We have found that many companies have switched their DNS services to an outsourced solution. In fact, we know that speed and reliability are two crucial reasons why companies have chosen us for the months of July and August in 2013. By switching to us, many clients noticed a reduction in time in a typical DNS query by as much as 95% from what their previous providers offered.

And it’s true – the speed of a DNS query is a growing concern for many organizations as an overall slow website presence can result in poor user experiences. Recently, a conference – SurgeCon– held in Baltimore, Maryland was dedicated entirely to speed and informing users of its importance.

“When it comes to speed, performance, and reliability of a business’s internet services, it all starts with DNS,” stated Steven Job, President and Founder of DNS Made Easy. “It is a fact that DNS is a significant part of any companies Internet infrastructure and helps drive traffic to a site.”

What if a business doesn’t have high quality DNS?

Without superior DNS services, potential customers and clients will experience timeouts when trying to reach a business’s website. They will also experience slow responses which is a major factor for lost business. When these things happen – timeouts and slow responses – a business puts itself at risk, as many lose faith in the services and products offered. And a business owner is putting herself at risk precisely because she failed to choose high quality DNS services.

The staff here is continually committed to perfecting reliability, performance, and ROI. In a staff event on DNS management with Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, the development team discussed the recent top DNS speeds that they helped implement. Both the staff and Job were pleased to learn that a third party, Solve DNS, found that the company has led in fastest speeds for two months in a row.

“We’re always improving our hardware so that our speeds remain the best in the industry,” Job said.