Make or Break your SEO Ranks with DNS

When you change over your web or DNS host, your SEO could suffer longstanding damages that take weeks or months to repair. When admins switch over webhosts, site traffic is redirected to the new site. However, this process can take over 24 hours to complete and in most cases traffic is lost due to faulty redirection or inadequate DNS services.

The bulk of these cases is due to the fact that most web hosting companies use their own DNS hosting services which typically have the bare minimum when it comes to features. These cut-rate providers lack the singular expertise of an outsourced DNS company like DNS Made Easy. Here, we’ll discuss a few issues that webmasters encounter when they attempt to switch hosts and the impacts on their company’s SEO ranks.

*we actually made an infographic about the relationship between SEO & resolution speeds here!

Record Updates

When it comes to all-in-one web and DNS hosting, record updates can take up to 24 hours to register and become visible by end users. The website’s previous DNS records are cached in the system for a set time which has to be manually changed in order to push users onto the new host. However, most providers don’t allow users to modify this period, or TTL (Time to Live). This can cause a variety of issues if the website is not static.

DNS Made Easy has developed a solution to all these issues. Because DNS Made Easy is an outsourced provider, you’re able to easily modify the TTL down to a few seconds, and quickly transfer users over to the new interface without having to wait a day for record updates to register.

If you’re worried about delayed DNS record updates and impacts on SEO with your third-party host, consider outsourcing to DNS Made Easy. We use a proprietary system called Peregrine Instant DNS updates which instantly updates the server with the new record values, eliminating latency between old and new configurations.


Another issue admins run into when switching hosts is email records propagate painfully slow. When you change your MX records for emails the switch can take up to a day to carry over, just like regular DNS records. When using DNS Made Easy, Peregrine Instant DNS updates also effect the propagation of your email servers allowing you to seamlessly shift over to the new host.