New Year's Resolution: Make a Plan and Stick to It

For most, the New Year brings new resolutions for a better body, better mind and a better future.

While DNS Made Easy can’t help you shed the holiday pounds, it can help with finding a better future and ensuring your business stays on track and online.

While you might not have known to make these resolutions on your own, DNS Made Easy experts are here to help you pave the path to success with these three tangible goals.

Resolution #1: Ensure 100 percent uptime.

During the last few years online businesses have been pummeled by high-stake hackers. Attacks like these filter to smaller companies and can jeopardize data and financial security. Only a concentrated focus on reducing attack surfaces, vetting transactions and safeguarding information with technologies like multi- factor identification, least privilege access and threat recognition will help keep firms safer.
DNS Made Easy protects its customers from attack via an IP Anycast+ network. The network is a proprietary multi-cloud architecture designed by DNS Made Easy to solve the inadequacies of standard IP Anycast networks. The IP Anycast+ provides enhanced traffic scalability, deliverability, and speed. All of DNS Made Easy systems are located at premium data facilities with multiple data providers. From a network standpoint DNS Made Easy is in the top tier of DNS providers worldwide and has a historical 13-year 100% uptime due to its 5th generation network.
Resolution #2: Get the personal and superior support from DNS Made Easy experts.

In a time where everything is streamlined, DNS Made Easy hasn’t forgotten about the personal touch. Despite the move to more and more cloud services, people are still demanding personal customer relationships.
DNS Made Easy offers several ways to get connected. Besides web and phone support, the company also has an extensive, free tutorial section. These tutorials can aid in DNS configuration to mail services. If a customer needs more, a DNS Made Easy expert is a phone call or click away.
Resolution #3: Get the best bang for the buck.

DNS Made Easy has revamped its Corporate Advantage membership to include more services and additional support. Services are designed with the core goal of achieving superior performance.
The Corporate Advantage allows monitoring and maintenance of DNS services to be managed externally by industry experts. DNS Made Easy staff simplifies the complicated aspects of DNS management and provide enhanced support and security features exclusive to our corporate-level of service.


As an added benefit of the Corporate Advantage membership, DNS Made Easy offers a pricing model tailored toward company growth. As an organization’s web presence grows, DNS query pricing is adjusted based on traffic levels.
Join the hundreds of thousands of other companies who have joined DNS Made Easy to create an avenue of success for every area of business in 2015.

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