Big news in the last few days with DNS and outages – Microsoft went down and this caused a major problem with their, which was supposed to be  launched (ahem . . . smoothly) yesterday worldwide. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud was what experienced the fiasco. In addition, Office 365 and Outlook were affected. The problem originated from the company’s internal DNS, and thus serves as another cautionary example of why companies, even very big companies like Microsoft, are smarter to outsource their DNS to experts who understand this part of the the Internet Infrastructure.

You see, we here at DNS Made Easy have created a business devoted entirely to offering DNS services. That’s right. We devote all of our time to DNS – this makes it of superior quality, because it’s what we do! It is not an afterthought or some sort of add-on with other Internet features. When DNS becomes an afterthought, things like this with Microsoft happen, and they cause major problems, huge problems.

So, that is why it is always smart, regardless of your company’s size, to outsource your DNS services. As I said, we’re the experts on this. That’s why we are here. It is in your best interest to use us, so take full advantage of what we have to offer. If you see what our clients say about us online, you will be more than just pleased. We promise!

After all, we focus on being the best in the industry, and we definitely get outside credit for that (see here, here, and here!).