Mother's Day Constellix

Everyone wants to make mom happy. Besides buying bouquet of flowers or chocolates, think of the things mom like best: a homemade card, a well-run business or fully functioning DNS monitoring system.

That’s right, moms like DNS and moms know what’s best. 

Don’t forget to thank your mother for always pointing you in the right direction this Mother’s Day.

If you are the type to turn a deaf ear to motherly advice, here’s a tip: change that habit now.

Make sure to play it smart and choose a full-traffic management suite like Constellix DNS. Enjoy real-time web information at your fingertips wherever you are.

It’s what she would want you to do.

Mom says: It’s the information age. Get your analytics in place. Constellix is introducing a new way to glean all the data companies need to monitor and ensure online success. This suite of services is designed to provide real-time web information all in one place, on any device, wherever needed.

Mom says: Optimize performance. Constellix Sonar is a full-traffic management suite designed to ensure optimized performance for end users. It gives users raw data assembled into an easy-to-use control panel where feedback and reports can be used to streamline web performance. System administrators are able to use information to affect end users in real time.

Mom says: User a proven performer. Constellix, which launched live to the public in 2014, is available to DNS Made Easy customers. The engineers at DNS Made Easy have been working for years on this platform to monitor the hundreds of name servers used in DNS Made Easy’s worldwide IP Anycast + network.

Mom says: Have tools in your tool box. Specific tools in the suite of services include monitoring of web servers, DNS, web checks, region-specific monitoring and more. In addition, the suite fully supports IPV6 monitoring from monitor nodes around the world. Use the most effective tools to create clarity from the massive amount of online data chaos. With Constellix, users can deploy smart and proactive planning with the specific tools needed to get the job done.

Mom says: Use information wisely. Using Constellix provides immediate feedback because information is gathered the second the program starts running. In addition, once historical data is gathered, users can make changes to their systems, if needed, or drill down areas they need to monitor more closely.

Mom says: Prepare for success. Knowing how your online presence is flowing, how it is functioning and the experience of the end user all means gathering analytics. Constellix is the way to create a solid foundation that will empower online growth.