We have seen a 75% increase in sales of our DNS services to small business, a sign that suggests business owners have learned from seeing big companies suffer from DNS failures. Big mistakes made by big companies can be prevented by a simple and low cost solution: diversifying their internet infrastructure.

That’s right! We have seen a dramatic increase in small companies investing in DNS services and diversifying their internet infrastructure. As mentioned, big companies oftentimes make big mistakes when opting for internet services from one company. This is especially true when it comes to DNS services. Many internet providers will offer DNS as a secondary component to webhosting and other products. If a webhosting provider goes down, and a company’s services are part of a bundled package, this causes a lot of problems. When all of the IT services for a company are wrapped up with one internet service provider and there is an outage, everything is lost for that duration of time. Many ISPs, CDNs, and registrars have recently had DNS outages. These outages have resulted in millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Small businesses are paying attention and learning about what happens when big businesses experience DNS failures. In a survey we conducted in early September, we found that 83% of small businesses decided to use our services.

What was the reason for going with us? They made the decision due to large brands making a switch to use DNS Made Easy after previous DNS downtime (in a word, it was a reactive switch). Many small businesses also said that DNS Made Easy consistently being one of the fastest speeds in the industry helped them make their decision to switch to a company that deals specifically in DNS services. Word has spread about the success of our speeds! For multiple years DNS Made Easy has remained a leader in DNS speeds, far outpacing our competitors. This is because DNS Made Easy invests in its infrastructure and hardware, instead of spending excess revenue on sales staff and other gimmicks, something that is all too common in the industry. But new clients also said that they understood the risks of failing to diversify their internet infrastructure.

“When companies fail to diversify their internet infrastructure, something our senior technical writer and editor wrote about for WHIR – Web Host Industry Review – recently, they suffer downtime and that equates to loss in revenue. No business, especially small businesses, can afford those sorts of losses,” Steven Job, President of DNS Made Easy, explained.