Standing Desk Experiment

There’s a new trend taking over “hip” offices. Rather than sitting for 8 to 12 straight hours at a desk, now you can stand while you work.

The DNS Made Easy team has decided to try this new fad ourselves as part of our efforts to stay fit without compromising our efficiency. Three months ago we each got our own standing desks complete with fatigue-free mats to keep our feet comfortable. Most of us were quick to adopt the new desks standing the nearly the entirety of the work day.

Now, simply standing might not seem very different from sitting. However, when you stand you’re required to flex many different muscles in the body. Standing also increases metabolism, blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and has been proven to create an all-around better mood. In addition to standing, the transition between sitting and standing burns calories and stretches muscles.

UPEI just conducted a study investigating the health effects of these desks from psychological benefits to physical, “potentially improving select components of health.”

Another study monitored a group of adults from Australia with heart monitors for four days while they used standing desks and walked just a little more each day. The study sought to find out if standing was an effective replacement for exercise, as in using a standing desk could replace after hours work-outs. Researchers found that standing “may benefit cardo-metabolic health,” but more studies were needed.

After reviewing these studies and discussing with colleagues their thoughts of standing desks after using them for the past 3 months: the consensus was positive. As a whole we all could agree that standing desks were increasing our mobility, mental well-being, and they’re even forcing us to seek out other ways to make office life healthier.