With in-depth interviews with our president, Steven Job, who has been in the DNS industry for 13 years and remains committed to transparency with his clients, this series – The Dark and Dirty Side – Inside the World of DNS Sales – will explore and reveal the dirty, dark side of DNS sales. Job has seen it all, and wants to share his thoughts on how unethical and immoral sales tactics can be in the IT world and more specifically in the DNS milieu.

When a query isn’t a query

There are always risks when company’s outsource any sort of work. This is especially true when it comes to outsourcing your DNS. After all, if you don’t have DNS functioning at optimal levels, then everything else you’ve invested in – marketing, sales, branding, etc. – is totally wasted. You might be wondering: Why is that the case? It’s simple. DNS – superior DNS – highlights all the other features of your business online. And being online is a must in this day and age.  Having superior DNS is also a must, and that is why you must be careful about how you determine outsourcing for the service. After all, if you wind up in the wrong hands, and so many big companies, medium-sized companies, and small companies do this, you’ll wind up wasting a tremendous amount of your money. This is precisely because DNS sales people take advantage of several things. First, they will immediately determine if your IT staff even understands how DNS operates. Making such an assessment takes a matter of minutes. Second, if an IT staff member has some understanding of DNS, they will move on to shadier tactics, preying on that person’s vulnerabilities and selling them an overpriced DNS plan.

You can protect yourself from being taken advantage of by sleazy DNS sales people, who almost always sell underperforming DNS services, by having people in your company who are able to make technically sound decisions. If you have people in your IT department who understand DNS, they will simply go by the facts and not be fooled by dubious sales tactics.

Job has numerous stories on the way in which DNS sales people prey on the vulnerabilities of individuals in IT.

“One of the competitors in our space pushes their sales associates to get so ‘friendly’ with potential clients that they ‘feel personally guilty’ by not using their services.  But in reality these sales people are just selling over-priced products and services and couldn’t care less about the client, and that’s especially true if there was not a commission involved,” Job explained a few weeks ago.

“Yes, I am aware of this tactic, this way of guilting people into buying a product. That is not in the best interest of the company,” I observed.

“No, it isn’t in the interest of their respective companies at all, and that’s how companies waste so much money on IT related expenses including DNS services. These sales agents are like vultures.  They are preying on the emotions of IT staff to win the sale.  We are talking about having fake friends in the word of business,” Job noted, “besides, we all know, if the final sale of IT related services was based on technical merit the final sale would usually have a significantly different outcome.”

Job pauses for a moment and then makes a final point, “”At DNS Made Easy we purchase millions of  dollars of IT infrastructure every year. We do not overspend on IT expenses because of sales agents. Instead, we look at what is the best pricing for our company. Because in the end that affects our clients and gives them better ROI.  And our clients are who everyone here – and that includes me – in the company work for. At the end of the day, we  must answer to them.”

Stay tuned for the next piece, “Preying On Our Vulnerabilities.”

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