Jordan Crook over at TechCrunch has informed his readers that something has gone seriously wrong with the usually hip and sleek design ideas at Apple. The horror! Oh, the horror! Apparently, it has been determined that the iPhone 5c case is, well, ugly as all get out. Yikes! This is, again, just awful. Absolutely. Awful.

Apple is making up for the design fail, however. So, Crook tells us not to despair about the $30 we just spent on that ugly, ugly case.

How are they making it up to their Apple customers? With the CaseCollage. CaseCollage was created by LunarLincoln , a mobile app development agency based in Nashville, TN. This app allows you to fill in the holes of the iPhone case with your own images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and Picasa.

Does the CaseCollage solve the horror of this Apple fail?